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5 beginner yoga poses

5 poses great for beginners, if you have no idea where to start, start with these. Remember always listen to your body and if anything feels painful, ease out. Pain is a big no! 1. Side stretch, try to keep your body in line, keep the chest open. Bend i to the arm on the… Continue reading 5 beginner yoga poses

Yoga outfit

Hi, i just wanted to share this outfit with you guys. I am not associated in anyway with this brand, i just saw them on amazon and loved it. This outfit is sooo comfy. I’ve ordered plenty from amazon and have been dissapointed with some of the quality however this set is amazing. It came… Continue reading Yoga outfit

What is yoga?

Going over my notes from my yoga teacher training with (amy yoga cornwall) that i did last year. I thought i would share some things, incase they are of interest and incase you are wondering what is yoga? So here goes. My first day of my yoga teacher training and we all were asked what… Continue reading What is yoga?

Tomato and basil gnocci

Recipe GnocciNaked chicken pieces 4 tsp pestoPinch of salt¼ cup pasataHandful of spinach1 tbsp nooch1tbsp basilGrated applewood cheese ¼ cup in and ¼ on top I am always making up random recipes and then sometimes they turn out amazing and i have to write them down! This being one of them! Enjoy! Eat vegan!

Vegan korma

This is so yummy. I hope you enjoy too. Serves … Alot Recipe: 2 cans coconut milk150g cashews4 tbsp olive oil2 cups frozen onions1 tbsp garlic granules1 tbsp ginger3 tbsp mild curry powder2 tsp cumin2 tsp coriander2 tsp cinnamon2 tsp tumeric2 tsp cloves100g tomato puree2 tbsp brown sugar 1 bag of frozen mixed veg½ bag… Continue reading Vegan korma

Vegan double chocolate cookies

These are sooo yummy, let me know if you try them! Ingredients 250g df block of butter (i use stork) 100g sugar 250g flour 2 tbsp coco powder 75g choc drops (vegan) Mix all together in a bowl, roll into little balls and place them seperately on a tray, flatten them down slightly and bake… Continue reading Vegan double chocolate cookies

5 poses to help with arm balances

Arm balances require alot of strength, mindset and practice. Practice these 5 poses daily and watch your arm balances improve. Easy Chaturanga. Chaturanga is a difficult pose to master. It requires alot of strength and if done wrong can cause alot of damage. So its always a good idea to practice on your knees. Check… Continue reading 5 poses to help with arm balances

Biscoff cake cup recipe

I got a little bit too addicted to this, just warning you before you make it and get hooked like me. Ingredients: ¼ cup biscoff spread ¼ cup oat milk ¼ cup self raising flour Mix with a fork and Microwave for 1 minute 15 secs on 800. Then i usually top with soya ice… Continue reading Biscoff cake cup recipe

Meditation for mums

I want to share a meditation video i have made for mums who may be struggling right now. Parenting is hard at the best of times, its even harder right now. So if your feeling stressed, overwhelmed or maybe like you dont get anytime to yourself. Take a listen to this 15 minute guided meditation… Continue reading Meditation for mums


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