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Apple pancakes for vata pacifying

After an ayurvedic consultation with aimee stapleford (aimeewellbeing on instagram) , who is amazing btw. I have changed my diet slightly to help me balance my doshas. (helps me with stress, anger and anxiety) I just had to share this because they were so yummy and cruelty free 😉 Apple pancakes! How have i never… Continue reading Apple pancakes for vata pacifying

Different types of yoga

So what is yoga? I have a previous blog on this that yiu can check out but basically it is self discovery. Why are there so many different types of yoga and what are they? Yoga like everything has evolved. Over time yoga has branched out into a lot of different types. Today im just… Continue reading Different types of yoga

Online virtual wellbeing retreat

Feeling overwhelmed or like you have no time for yourself? Join me on march 1st with some beautiful ladies for a 5 day retreat from the comfort of your own home. There will be Meditation, yoga, nutrition advice and wellbeing advice all for free. No need for previous experience with any of the above. Just… Continue reading Online virtual wellbeing retreat

Biscoff twists

Easy treat Ingredients. Biscoff spreadChocolate chipsJus rol puff pastry Spread biscoff spread on half the pastry, sprinkle some choc chips over and fold the pastry over on its self Cut into strips, twist and place on baking tray Bake for 12 minutes Yum!

Shoulder stretches

If you have a baby or toddler you will know that pain you get in your arms, shoulders, back from carrying them around most of the day. These are the stretches i like to do after carrying around my toddler. These poses are great for forearm balances or any yoga pose that you need to… Continue reading Shoulder stretches

Sun salutations

Ever wondered what a sun salutation is? surya namaskar = sun salutation = saluting the sun. A series of poses to warm up the body, creating heat while focusing the mind on the breath and the movement creating stillness in the mind. Do these steps with each breath for 1 round of a classic sun… Continue reading Sun salutations

5 beginner yoga poses

5 poses great for beginners, if you have no idea where to start, start with these. Remember always listen to your body and if anything feels painful, ease out. Pain is a big no! 1. Side stretch, try to keep your body in line, keep the chest open. Bend i to the arm on the… Continue reading 5 beginner yoga poses

Yoga outfit

Hi, i just wanted to share this outfit with you guys. I am not associated in anyway with this brand, i just saw them on amazon and loved it. This outfit is sooo comfy. I’ve ordered plenty from amazon and have been dissapointed with some of the quality however this set is amazing. It came… Continue reading Yoga outfit

What is yoga?

Going over my notes from my yoga teacher training with (amy yoga cornwall) that i did last year. I thought i would share some things, incase they are of interest and incase you are wondering what is yoga? So here goes. My first day of my yoga teacher training and we all were asked what… Continue reading What is yoga?


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