My journey intersected with the path of Yoga several years ago, slowly becoming inseparable. Now I love to share that passion with others.

Yoga allows for all walks of life, all tastes & personalities, all goals, whether you seek to strengthen the body, increase your flexibility, or find a deeper connection with the self, Yoga offers a path to travel.

I offer classes in Plymouth, in the Southwest of the UK, as well as online classes to participate in from anywhere in the world. My aim is to ensure that, whenever life allows you the time for Yoga, & wherever you are in your Yoga journey, you have access to thoughtful, practical teaching that is reinforced with an understanding of biology & spirit to ensure that you are always safe in your exploration of Yoga, whether you are a beginner or have been practising for many years.

I am a fully qualified 300hr yoga teacher, I am accredited & insured, & able to teach; you can be sure that I have your well being in mind & that, if you need direct guidance, I am there for you.

Yoga for all


My aim is to offer classes, courses & videos that are accessible to all, whether you’re an absolute beginner, or have been practising for years.

First & foremost, I try to offer a form of Yoga that is, at its heart, humane, balanced & enjoyable. Full of positivity, physical & mental benefit, & which is neither intimidating or without challenge.

Yoga Styles


Moving with the breath, smoothly from pose to pose in creative sequences.


Poses are held for several breaths before flowing into the next, to concentrate fully on the pose you are in.


A style where poses are held for several minutes, getting deep into the connective tissues.

All classes are followed by Savasana, a relaxing, meditative & contemplative closure to the class where students sink into the peace found through the prior exertion.

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